Internship gives nursing students hands-on experience amid COVID-19

Internship gives nursing students hands-on experience amid COVID-19

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Nursing students at Minnesota State University, Mankato now have the ability to gather hands-on experience through a newly established winter internship at area hospitals.

“It is an opportunity for students to get practice, hands-on, working as a nurse and acting in the capacity of a nurse,” says Tricia Young, Chair of the School of Nursing.

In years past, students in the nursing program enrolled in a summer internship, where they would assist in real-world settings.

“It’s a great opportunity, because they are able to apply their knowledge directly into clinical,” added Marilyn Swan, Associate Professor of Nursing and Pre-Licensure & Experiential Learning Coordinator.

With the pandemic, classes were moved online and the summer internships were cancelled. The new winter format provides the same learning opportunities for the students, though the duration of the internship is shorter than it was in years past.

Jasmine Lund, a senior nursing student, stated, “It doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re still gonna learn, you’re still gonna educated on nursing tasks and the roles of it.”

Students say they feel lucky to be able to learn during the pandemic.

“Getting to apply what we learn but learning more from the nurses that have gone through these experiences, it’s really great and it helps facilitate what we’re learning,” mentioned Landon Brown, a fellow senior nursing student.

With hospitals needing more help, and with eager nurses-to-be at hand, both the hospitals and the students are benefitting.

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