Facing shortfall, Salvation Army Red Kettles to remain out into January

Mankato Salvation Army extends Red Kettle program into January

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Mankato Salvation Army says their annual Christmas fundraising campaign is falling short of its goal by $150,000.

The pandemic has put extra pressure on Red Kettle fundraising because of fewer kettle locations, a drastic drop in bell-ringing volunteers, and reduced foot traffic at kettle locations—resulting in the 30% shortfall.

In response to this challenge, and for the first time ever, The Mankato Salvation Army is partnering with the local Hy-Vee and Cub Foods locations to maintain a “virtual” Red Kettle in front of their stores into January of 2021. The virtual kettle will provide three contactless ways through which people can donate to help offset the $150,000 deficit: (1) Apple Pay, (2) Google Pay, and (3) scan a QR code and follow the prompts.

“Now more than ever, it’s very important for us to reach our goal, because countless lives are depending on the services we provide to the community,” said Lieutenant Andrew Wheeler, who leads the Mankato Salvation Army service center. “We are so very thankful for the partners we have, especially those who continue to go above and beyond their previous levels of support. We have faith that the members of this great community will come forward and help us reach our goal.”

Donations can be made at any virtual red kettle through the end of January, or online at SalvationArmyNorth.org/Mankato.

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