Grace Lutheran Church keeps Christmas day tradition alive

For many, going to church on Christmas Eve and Christmas day is a tradition they keep every year.

Grace Lutheran Church keeps Christmas day tradition alive

FAIRMONT, Minn. (KEYC) - Grace Lutheran Church is keeping the Christmas day service alive, especially this year.

“The idea that God showed up for us is the heart of the Christmas story. It is one thing to say that we want to make our lives perfect and we want to have the perfect Christmas celebration, but for me it is more about God showed up and said, ‘You know, hey I love you and I would like to come and be apart of your story.’ That is where Jesus entering at Christmas is really about God meeting me and you right where we are today,” Grace Lutheran Church pastor, John Heille said.

For some, going to church on Christmas Day is a tradition that reminds people that gifts aren’t at the center of the holiday.

It also teaches young ones about the real meaning of Christmas and the bigger idea that surrounds it.

“We’re living in a really interesting moment and to say there is challenges and uncertainties. Also to say, that God is coming and for me part of the joy of Christmas is the promise that we are not ready, but God is going to come anyways,” Heille said.

With that promise and hope, Grace Lutheran Church in Fairmont has been trying their hardest to give a sense of church normalcy to their congregation, especially on Dec. 25th.

This year amid the pandemic, their service has changed to a drive-in and is held in their parking lot.

Grace has kept that service alive even in the colder months.

“Averaging a little over 100 people every Sunday coming for drive-in service that is in November and December. That is saying for me, that people really do want to be apart of church and really do want to have this gathering time in their week, but we only have 35-40 people who want to come indoors on a Sunday. That is saying to me, that people are very aware of what is going on in the pandemic. They still want to be apart of the gathering that is church, but at the same time it is saying, that we are going to stop and do it a little different this time,” Heille said.

Even though it is not what the typical Christmas tradition looks like for a lot of church goers and pastors, they are still happy to be spreading the true word of Christmas and relating to the iconic story in their own way.

“This year, I think I relate to the in keeper in the story because I am trying to find the limits of what people can do,” Heille said.

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