Crusaders are back on the court for practices

Crusaders are back on the court for practices

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - “I’m just super excited that I get to play, because that’s all I was hoping for,” Mankato Loyola boys basketball senior, Sam Orcutt said.

High school programs across the state gear up for the highly anticipated first practice of the winter sports season.

“Whatever can happen during the season, we’re excited. Whatever chance and opportunity we can get we are going to make the most of them and we’re all just excited to get back no matter what’s going on, we’re all just going to be focused on the main goal is to win a many games as we want,” Mankato Loyola boys basketball senior, Logan Carlson said.

The Crusaders have a quick turn around with competition starting in January, which will be tough coming off of a long off-season.

“It’s going to be definitely different, I think we’re just kind of going with the flow right now. I think we will probably have to give them more breaks due to them wearing masks, but we’re honestly just really excited to be here. I’m not going to change a whole lot of things up. I think our guys just need to play together and get in the gym and get in shape, but obviously the masks make things a little bit different and I think that will have to change the practice a little bit, but overall I think we are going to stick to what we do really well,” Mankato Loyola boys basketball senior, Sam Carlson said.

“You can’t simulate a game or a practice outside of it, so we’re going to try to get used to it in practice. We have a lot of tough competition in our conference, it’s got a lot of talent, some of the most talent it’s had in a while. We’re just excited to get competition and see how we match-up against them. The people that worked on their own and went to the weight room or did as many workouts as possible at home or with other people; those are the people that are really going to shine this year and I think a lot of our guys have been working out at home, working out together, just getting together outside of practices and outside of our normalcy and making our own kind of normalcy and I’m really excited to see what we can do,” Logan Carlson said.

“I just missed being able to play in an actual gym, instead of just like a hoop outside where it’s like concrete. The hardwood, I think that’s what I missed the most,” Orcutt said.

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