The Blue Boat: A dining, art, music experience

New café offers diverse foods, art gallery, eco-retail and live music.

The Blue Boat: A dining, art, music experience

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - While you may not be able to travel the world, The Blue Boat can take your taste buds on vacation.

“The Blue Boat is a metaphor for the Earth and I just wanted to keep it that theme about going around the world. I’m passionate about the arts, music and good food. Things that are good for you. Things that inspire you,” said The Blue Boat owner Julie Johnson.

The new dining experience is described as an art bar and music café, equipped with a unique approach to serving diverse food.

“We are going around the world to the five blue zone areas,” said Johnson.

Johnson’s menu is inspired by Dan Buettner and National Geographic’s work 15 years ago. That identified Blue Zones around the world where people lived the longest, by studying their environment, lifestyles and diet.

“We are offering the foods and recipes that basically are longevity foods,” explained Johnson.

The Blue Boat will spend two months in each zone. Right now its docked in Costa Rica. The next stop...Italy.

Another big factor in the establishment, showcasing local talent.

Across the dining area, sits an art gallery, selling local art and eco-retail.

The area also homes a stage to host live music.

“A lot of music...I’d like to be known as a music café. We have amazing talent in Mankato and the surrounding areas and I can’t wait to see them here performing,” said Johnson.

Currently The Blue Boat serves take-out with plans to open their indoor dining services in the coming weeks.

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