Six members of the Minnesota House under investigation

Six members of the Minnesota House under investigation

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KEYC) - The Minnesota House of Representatives is investigating six of its own members.

The six, all republicans, attended a “storm the capitol” rally in St. Paul last Wednesday, the same day rioters broke into the U.S. capitol building. The St. Paul rally was peaceful, in terms of any physical acts. At least one of the representatives at the rally says he left early. He also says Democrats are trying to associate him and fellow republican lawmakers with what happened at the U.S. capitol.

“That’s what we were doing is simply exercising our freedom of speech, um, in a very peaceful way, over and over, peacefully. Um, and I’m not aware of anything that happened. I don’t know of, I don’t know who the people are who even spoke after I was there,” said Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R- Mazeppa).

Minnesota house speaker Melissa Hortman says they’re looking into whether there were members of the Minnesota House of Representatives who advocated for, incited or supported acts of domestic terrorism.

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