Yoga becoming a popular form of exercise and teaching method

The benefits to practicing yoga include flexibility, mobility and improvement towards mental and physical health

Yoga becoming a popular form of exercise and teaching method

FAIRMONT, Minn. (KEYC) - The art of yoga is a complex and vast work of art; it takes years to master the in-depth exercise.

Personal trainer and yoga instructor at Cutting Edge Fitness, Claire Gerhardt is a testament of that.

“There is actually eight limbs of it and the octagon or the physical practice of it is only one of those eight limbs. So, yoga is a lot more about your way of life and just a way of moving through your day more mindfully and with more intention,” she said.

She attended a three week long yoga camp to receive her certification where she learned from the best of the best who had her working on her yoga skills from 5:00 am to 8:30 pm.

“We would be doing four or five hours of yoga every day, plus we would have strength training classes and my body has never been pushed so hard. It was incredible and I mean also really empowering,” Gerhardt said.

From this camp she learned how to become a better teacher and person. She also learned about the many benefits of the craft on the body and mind.

“It can give you a better sleep, lower your blood pressure which leads to better heart health. Also, it is just a really big component in stress management and can benefit other areas of your mental health,” Gerhardt said.

There are many complex and intricate poses to yoga, but one of Gerhardt’s favorite poses is the mountain pose, which is a standing pose that helps with confidence and finding your inner self.

Gerhardt said it isn’t as hard as it looks and if you are interested you should take the leap of faith because the payoff is extraordinary.

“There really is a yoga that works for everyone. So, I would just encourage you to embark on that journey, I know that maybe it might end up not being your favorite thing in the world, but even just trying something new and experiencing that is not a loss,” Gerhardt said.

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