Music and live performances help all aspects of life

The power of live performances and music is unlike anything out in the world

Music and live performances help all aspects of life

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Music can improve memory, mental health and even boost revenue for businesses.

“On a very personal level, music has always been something that I loved to listen to, I’ve loved to make and I’ve loved to be apart of. For me, it has always been my way of kind of coping, decompressing and a way at the end of the day or of a really tough season. Than I am able to process some things,” studied music therapy, Shealyn Kawlewski said.

Music is different for every person on this planet, it has such a different feeling to everyone who comes across it.

There is music for people who are feeling down and out and for people who are on top of the world.

But what many people are starting to figure out is that music has more benefits than just to make a person feel better.

“About all of the physiological effects on the brain that music has. Really powerfully connected to memory, there was a couple of times that I worked with or was apart of memory care units and we did music therapy. It is very powerful in a therapeutic setting just in releasing emotions or opening up. Being able to talk about things that are difficult or happy,” Kawlewski said.

Along with the effects that music has on the physical, mental and emotional side of a human being there is also the effect that it has on the business side as well.

The Mayo Clinic Health Systems Event Center has had its doors closed for the better half of the last year.

They’ve taken a financial hit as any other business has especially with having no in-person concerts due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the pandemic.

“We’ve taken a pretty substantial financial hit, but we have taken measures to reduce that, unfortunately that means losing staff, circling the wagons here and managing our expenses the best we can,” Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center co-director, Eric Jones said.

But event center leadership says there will be a time in the near future where we don’t have to worry about this and can go back to doing what we love in a safe manner.

“You have to have hope, you can’t just sit there and look at your business fall away and not doing anything. For us, we are still planning on a summer at our amphitheater, at the Vetterstone amphitheater. We have shows that are scheduled from last summer that are rescheduled to 2021,” Jones said.

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