Farmamerica Hosts Winter Charm of the Farm Activities

Farmamerica in hosts event that includes snowshoeing, horsedrawn carriage rides, and more.

Farmamerica Hosts Winter Charm of the Farm Activities

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) -Farm America hosted an event called charm on the farm today for families looking to get outside and enjoy covid friendly activities. Samantha Meyer, program director at farm America was excited to get this underway.

“Now that things are kind of opening up a little bit life is slowly getting back to normal but we still knew that winter months are a little bit harder for people being cooped up inside and having shorter days. So we were kind of inspired by just trying to offer something to our visitors were they could still be outside and still enjoy the day outside and doing something with their friends and with their family instead of trying to figure out how they can stay inside or do something at home. We wanted to be outside basically and enjoy the day,” Meyer said.

Activities also included learning about traditional lumberjack techniques. Things like using a long saw and branding the wood were taught by volunteer Scott Roemhildt.

“It’s really neat to have people out here. There’s so many things we can’t do right now and to have an activity that is outside, family focused, and fun like this it’s just really neat to be a part of it,” Roemhildt said.

Farmamerica plans to have another charm on the farm in February.

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