Physical fitness is key to a healthy heart

Updated: Feb. 7, 2021 at 11:11 PM CST
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - February is American Heart Month and local doctors are stressing the importance of fitness in maintaining your heart health. Dr. Niti Aggarwal, a Mayo Clinic Health System cardiologist, says staying active among gym closures and cold temperatures is still a possibility, though it may take some creativity around the house.

“People who are not active do develop blockages in blood vessels of the heart, so it’s important to stay active. Especially since we live in Minnesota, and sometimes like on a day like to day, it’s really cold and hard to go outside,” says Aggarwal.

You may not have to go much further than your own garage or living room to keep your heart in great shape.

“An easy way of exercising or staying active is just going up a flight of stairs several times in a row just to get that form of exercise. Or, in the middle of a pandemic where we’re not able to socalize or go to an indoor mall, even finding a little space within your house, perhaps in your garage with the cars out and then you can just walk inside your garage,” Aggarwal added.

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