Lawmakers comment on gun control debate following Allina Clinic shooting

Lawmakers comment on gun control debate following Allina Clinic shooting
Law enforcement personnel and first responders gather outside of the Allina Health clinic, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021, in Buffalo, Minn. Authorities say multiple people were shot at the Minnesota health clinic on Tuesday and someone was taken into custody afterward. (Source: David Joles/Star Tribune via AP)

BUFFALO, Minn. (KEYC) - Minnesota lawmakers are now reacting to the shooting at the Allina Clinic Crossroads campus in Buffalo, Minnesota this week.

The shooting left one dead and four injured.

Allina identified the person who died as Lindsay Overbay, a 37 year-old medical assistant, wife and mother of two young children.

Lawmakers are now planning to honor the victim.

“Obviously it’s a tragedy for the entire state, and we plan to ask for a moment of silence to honor Mrs. Overbay’s passing on the floor session for the Senate on Monday,” said Sen. Nick Frentz (DFL - North Mankato).

Rep. Jeremy Munson (R - Lake Crystal) also responded to the event.

“Any shooting is tragic. I think we should look at the laws that we have on the books to see which laws were not enforced,” he said.

This week’s events put the conversation surrounding gun laws back in the spotlight.

Frentz said the discussion around background checks and red flag laws should continue.

Red flag laws allow courts to prevent people who show signs of being a danger to themselves or others from having access to firearms.

“I would be supportive of the background checks that about 90% of Minnesotans seem to support. It’s a common sense move that hopefully helps reduce the number of people that get shot,” Frentz said.

However, he doesn’t see anything passing out of the Senate this session.

Meanwhile, Munson has introduced gun legislation this session, including an anti-red flag law bill and a bill that addresses gun free zones.

“There are tens of thousands of Minnesotans that have a permit to carry a gun lawfully, but those people carry it for self-defense, and then they’re required to leave the gun in their car when they go into these businesses that post gun free zones,” he said.

Munson also has legislation that would ensure those on the medical cannabis registry could not be denied the ability to purchase a firearm.

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