Snowstorm leaves many Texans without power, water

Snowstorm leaves many Texans without power, water

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — A deadly blast of winter weather overwhelmed the electrical grid and left millions shivering in the cold in Texas this week.

But the crisis is far from over, with many people still in need of safe drinking water.


Fewer than 500,000 homes remained without electricity, although utility officials said limited rolling blackouts could still occur. One Texas resident who lived in Minnesota before says the Lone Star State just isn’t geared toward Minnesota-like winters.

“Back home, of course, it is -30 degrees in the past three days, but it is built for that,” said Alexis Johnson, a former Minnesota resident who now resides in Texas. “A snowstorm coming through here is just like being up in Minnesota, but then taking away everyone’s power and the roads being undrivable and then taking away their heat.”

The extreme weather is blamed for the deaths of over three dozen people.

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