Farmamerica hosts second Winter Charm on the Farm event

Farmamerica hosts second winter event of the season for families in the area.

Farmamerica hosts second Winter Charm on the Farm event

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - This afternoon was filled with activities like snow painting, sledding, horse carriage rides and more at Farm America’s second Charm on the Farm event.

The event offered free hot chocolate and smores to keep people warm by the fires.

“This is our first winter event in many years, so to see such enthusiasm from the community and to see people are involved and excited to be here is just. It makes my whole weekend.,” program director for Farmamerica Samantha Meyer said. “Potentially my whole February to see that people are out here and having fun on the farm.”

The event was held completely outdoors and to keep social distancing regulations.

Farmamerica hosted the event to get people to come and spend time outside in the cold while still learning about the farm and all that it has to offer.

People came from all over the area and even some out of town to come to this authentic Minnesota experience.

“and being able to do this activity here has been so great because of COVID and not being able to do a lot of activities in general. The fact that this is open, there’s a lot of space, it feels safe and being able to experience the outdoors on a sunny day has been wonderful,” event participant Jackie Itzkowitz said.

The event was completely sold out. Families came to enjoy everything Farmamerica had to offer for their winter fun. Farmamerica hopes that the turnout for these events will lead to success for their summer events.

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