Navy veteran motivates on YouTube

Navy veteran motivates on YouTube

REDWOOD FALLS, Minn. (KEYC) - Joe Sindelir, a Navy veteran from Redwood Falls, started his YouTube series, “Motivate Me,” with a goal of motivating himself, as well as others.

After serving on a submarine off the coast of Hawaii for five years, Sindelir was faced with a brain cancer diagnosis and shortly after, suffered a stroke, leaving him disabled.

“You know, when you think you’re having a bad day, here’s a young man who hasn’t been given a great lot in life, and he’s really making the most of it,” Sindelir’s former employer Jean Geistfeld said.

As a teenager, Sindelir worked for Geistfeld at Candy Cane Skate Center in Redwood Falls. He eventually purchased the roller rink from her and owned it until he joined the military.

Now, he spends his free time inspiring others through his “Motivate Me” videos.

“People have texted me and called me, and said, ‘What you’re doing is awesome. I love it.’ And that makes me feel good. It’s just, I think this world needs more positivity,” Sindelir said.

According to Geistfeld, spreading positivity always came naturally for Sindelir.

“He was just kind to everybody. I mean he really didn’t judge people; he was a good kid - he really was,” Geistfeld said.

Sindelir has already reached hundreds of people, but to him, the numbers don’t matter.

“If I just get one person to be happy, then my job is done,” Sindelir said.

While life has not been the easiest for him, he has a great message for anyone currently struggling.

“Enjoy what you have,” Sindelir said.

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