Franklin Elementary School educator awarded Golden Apple

Franklin Elementary School educator awarded Golden Apple

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Her special adoration for students, 30 years of teaching experience and incredible adaptability over this past year are just some of the reasons why Dianne Johns, of Franklin Elementary School, was nominated for the Golden Apple award.

“She cares about us and wants to always have fun,” said Keegan Beckendorf, a student.

Johns has served as a gym teacher for 30 years, but during the pandemic, she has been reassigned to teach fifth-grade homeroom.

“Yes, it’s been overwhelming and challenging, but I actually really enjoyed this year so far and I’m sure the next three months will be as entertaining as the first,” Johns stated.

Johns incorporates her knowledge from gym class into her classroom to help her students learn the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and the power of believing in yourself, all while having fun.

“We played bingo, and she’s found lots of ways so we can be distracted from our masks,” added Awilli Agada, another student of Johns.

During this time of uncertainty, Johns’ colleagues say she has been incredibly positive, focused, thoughtful and open-minded.

Her dedication to students is a shining example of her passion for teaching.

Henry Stephenson, a new member of Johns’ classroom, mentioned, “I think she’s a great teacher.”

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