Local artist puts free time to good use

Local artist puts free time to good use

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - For many, starting the day includes a cup of coffee, a newspaper to unfold, a bowl of cereal on the kitchen table... but for Greg McGee, the mornings are a time to channel his extraordinary talent.

Greg’s father went to art school in New York in the 50′s, paving the way for his artistic adventures from early on. After growing up in Mankato, he went on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art History from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

“Once I graduated, I got into the work world. Not in an art career,” he said.

With the pandemic adding more free time to his schedule, he decided to jump back into drawing and painting regularly.

Greg added, “I thought I should do this every day of COVID and then post a painting or drawing or two every day so that I can look back on this time you know historically.”

Taking inspiration from countless areas, Greg creates everything from figures of social justice to scenes that are meaningful to him. Every morning, he creates a new piece. Each one takes him half an hour to complete, and with about 350 pieces in his repertoire, Greg is nearing a full year in his endeavor. He shares his art on social media for his friends to see, but his virtual audience isn’t his only.

“My son, who’s in college, is blind, so he can’t really see any of the-- I like to do super colorful stuff but he can’t see that. He can see some of the black and white stuff, so when I’m doing something for him specifically that I want him to have, I’ll do it in black and white or if I just want to share it with him, so I do probably one out of every three drawings or paintings in one color so that I know he can see some of it,” Greg stated.

Greg credits his son and daughter with his encouragement to keep up with his craft. Throughout it all, his goal remains the same. He said it is “either making somebody think or smile or preferably both think and smile.”

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