Seven Mile Creek projects to keep erosion in mind

Upcoming Seven Mile Creek projects to upkeep trails.

Seven Mile Creek projects to keep erosion in mind

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Upcoming construction projects are planned for Seven Mile Creek which mainly deal with trail and general maintenance.

Recent construction projects have caused some concern with the park’s water quality.

A member of the Minnesota Pollution Control agency familiar with upcoming construction says future projects will be approached with the goal of preventing erosion.

The creek flows directly into the Minnesota River and continues to shape the landscape of the park.

“Nicolette county is now aware of the erosive nature of this and how even slight changes I guess can be kind of detrimental to the water quality and maintenance of these trails,” Hydrologist for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Patrick Baskfield said.

Over the years the trail has had changes to help prevent erosion of the area.

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