Sofas for Service is helping veterans in the area

Sofas for Service visits Mankato to help a local veteran furnish their home.

Sofas for Service is helping veterans in the area

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) -“Words can’t describe it. You know it is not just veterans it is just to see people helping each other like that,” Marine veteran Terrance Crowder said.

Crowder is one of several veterans to receive furniture from Sofas for Service.

Sofas for service is an organization dedicated to donating furniture and whatever else a veteran may need in their home.

The organization began their work in 2014 when their founder Pete Hestekin was volunteering at a local veterans’ facility and found out that veterans who were given housing needed furniture.

“The veterans are put in these subsidized housing which is fine because they have a roof over their heads. But nobody, how he put it nobody even knows,” Hestekin said. “Nobody even knows that they are here with nothing, again I found out from working at the VA. Otherwise I don’t know if there would be any awareness.”

Sofas for Service has helped hundreds of veterans throughout the years, including 82 in 2020. Their goal is to give back to veterans as a way of thanking them for their service.

The organization is working hard to make an impact on the lives of the veterans they are assisting.

They are completely volunteer based and are primarily located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, but have services all over the Minnesota and Wisconsin area.

“For them to take the time out of their life to do this and get people to donate and there are still a lot of people that do not know about this organization, I just found out about it,” Crowder said.

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