Red Cross calls for blood donors amid identified need

Red Cross calls for blood donors amid identified need

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — It’s National Red Cross Month and the organization reminds the public of the need for blood donations, especially amid the severe cold and winter storms that recently hit parts of the U.S.

Due to those winter conditions, hundreds of blood drives were canceled in 30 states, adding to the decline already seen in blood donations due to the pandemic.

“Right now we have a critical need for people with Type O blood. O-Positive blood is the most common type of blood therefore it’s transfused the most. O-negative is the universal blood type therefore it can be transfused to any patient when theirs’s not time to take the person’s blood,” explained Sue Thesenga, regional communications manager at the American Red Cross.

In addition, blood donations through the American Red Cross are still offering free COVID-19 antibody testing.

A list of local upcoming blood drives can be found here.

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