Mankato artist pursues painting during pandemic

Mankato artist pursues painting during pandemic

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged everyone, whether it be working from home, distance learning, or whatever else, it has changed nearly everything we do.

For some, it has served as an opportunity.

Bridget Norland, a Mankato resident, has taken the extra time to pursue painting.

“When COVID hit, it gave me a lot of free time,” Norland said. “At one point, I was working part-time hours, so I had a lot of free time to do my own thing and I got back into painting and kind of fell in love with it again.”

Painting is something that Norland has always loved but has started again recently. Her Facebook page (Dandelion Designs) has grown in popularity recently as her work has continued.

Her paintings feature abstract designs full of color and creativity.

With the world going in every direction, Norland has found her outlet in her art.

“I would just like to share that I like it just as a reflection of myself,” Norland added. “Some pieces that I do reflect my mood at the time because I do so many things that are abstract. I appreciate what I can see, maybe shapes and different things of what comes out on the canvas, but I love hearing about what other people see in those paintings as well.”

Norland’s art will be available for viewing and purchase at SPX Sports, located at 1235 Caledonia Street in Mankato.

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