Spring is the best time to start composting, experts say

Spring is the best time to start composting, experts say

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Spring has arrived, and experts say this is the best season to start composting. Mankato Zero Waste says composting provides an array of benefits to the environment such as reducing methane emissions from landfills, which is harmful to the atmosphere. Better yet, composting can help folks cut down on household trash, and doing so may be easier than you think.

“All you do is you set up a little container by your sink and every time you’re preparing your meals, all the food scraps that you have you throw in that container. Then, when it’s filled up, you take it out to the garage and store it until you can take it to the organics recycling dumpster,” said Jane Dow of Mankato Zero Waste.

There are four organics recycling areas around Mankato. Each one develops compost, but the process doesn’t end there. Compost plays an integral role in keeping crops and other plant life healthy.

Dow added, “Compost is extremely valuable and we have more and more need for it now because it’s considered to be the most important nutritional value you can put in your soil to produce healthier food.”

For more information on how you can start composting, visit Mankato Zero Waste’s website.

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