Area shops preparing for prom season

2020 prom was cancelled last year due to the pandemic and Glitz Prom is getting ready for Prom 2021

Area shops preparing for prom season

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Prom has been a high school tradition since 1928.

Schools across the state cancelled proms last year due to the pandemic, but this year, they’re making a comeback in Mankato.

Prom is a chance for girls and boys to get all glammed up, share the special moment with their friends and for some celebrate the last moments of their high school career.

Last year, the pandemic put a stop to the timeless tradition within many school districts.

Which hurt not only the student’s experience but the prom dress industry as well.

“Probably the worst season we have ever had. We are, Glitz Prom was only last year our third season in. So basically, having it just in days turn to nothing. We had a really hard time,” Glitz Prom manager, Paige Umhoefer said.

Glitz Prom is a prime example of that as they had to make some major changes to accommodate for their losses.

“We were actually in a different location. We had to hugely look at our business and change locations and everything, we downsized. We didn’t even know if 2021 prom was going to happen,” Umhoefer said.

But with more and more COVID-19 vaccines pushed out and loosened restrictions that could be a game-changer for them this year.

It makes Glitz Prom hopeful for the future.

“We are getting the girls that are driving in and buying dresses and proms are happening which we love,” Umhoefer said.

Mankato Area Public Schools has sent out a tentative announcement in light of the upcoming season which has sent students on the hunt for the perfect dress.

Which makes prom shops have to think on their toes.

“Made a season in a very short amount of time. Obviously, the girls have been out shopping so we have added more dresses over the last two months,” Umhoefer said.

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