Dialing back restrictions in full effect

Restaurants, bars, gyms, outdoor and indoor venues have loosened restrictions starting today

Dialing back restrictions in full effect

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Effective at 12 p.m. Monday, bars and restaurants could begin to allow 75% capacity, with 250 people max, bar seating bumps up to four.

Gyms, outdoor venues and entertainment venues are now at 50% capacity and 250 people max.

Along with social gatherings which can be 50 people outside and 15 people indoors, also no limit on religious services.

Youth sports are allowed up to 50 people per pod for outdoor activities.

Masking and social distancing measures remain in effect for all activities, businesses, venues and other establishments.

This dial-back brings hope for brighter days ahead.

”Step in the right direction number one and there should be more steps continuing to come if the virus stays at bay. We’re very optimistic about that and looking forward to getting back to normal business,” Pub 500 proprietor Tom Frederick said.

Pub 500 officials say they gained eight seats around the bar, which is up to 40% capacity.

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