Fitness centers adjusting to new, dialed back restrictions

Fitness centers adjusting to new, dialed back restrictions

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Gyms and fitness centers are one day into the dialed back restrictions and are seeing results.

Now, gyms and fitness centers can have 50% capacity with a maximum of 250 people in the facility

The loosened restrictions mean the fitness destinations get their numbers and revenue up and avid gym goers’ heart rates up.

Of course, there still is social distancing and masking at the fitness locations.

”We are lucky to have big spaces so like in some spaces like our wellness center and free weight room. We are able to safely allow more people into the building and still keep that social distance. In our yoga classes in our satellite location, we are able to add a few more spots for members,” said Stephanie Fischer, healthy living director at the Mankato Family YMCA.

Mankato Family YMCA officials are grateful for the loosened restrictions, but say they can’t wait to get the green light from health officials to take the next step with mask wearing.

”It’s probably wise right now, but I am looking forward to a little bit of herd immunity and more people getting their vaccines and everything. Looking forward to the day when both those organizations say ya, it’s safe you can do that now. We are really looking forward to that,” Mankato Family YMCA Executive Director John Kind said.

Mankato YMCA officials say they haven’t seen much traction due to the snow day on Monday, but they are hopeful traffic will pick up soon.

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