Remembering the St. Peter tornado 23 years later

Remembering the 1998 tornado that devastated St. Peter 23 years later

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) — Monday marked 23 years since an F3 tornado ripped through southern Minnesota, devastating the town of St. Peter.

After the sirens were sounded at 5 p.m., St. Peter residents had around 10 minutes to take cover from the mile-wide twister. Winds of up to 150 mph destroyed countless homes, causing numerous injuries and one death.

Today, as folks remember the storm, St. Peter leaders commend the resiliency of their neighbors.

“St. Peter is viewed as one of the textbook examples of recovery after natural disasters, and so again, lots of wonderful help, resilient people,” said City Administrator Todd Prafke. “You know, at the time of the tornado, we really expected that a lot of people would take those insurance checks and potentially leave the community, but instead, people invested here and made St. Peter what it is today.”

Prafke, who was a resident of St. Peter at the time of the tornado, says he remembers the storm as a time when people from all over the region came together to support one another.

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