Moratorium placed on solar panel gardens in Lime Township

Moratorium placed on solar panel gardens in Lime Township

LIME TOWNSHIP, Minn. (KEYC) — An increase in solar panel gardens north of Mankato has prompted the Lime Township to place a moratorium on the green power developments.

Last month, Impact Power Solutions gained approval for a pair of 1-megawatt community solar gardens in Lime Township and purchased land for a third within Mankato city limits.

The latest proposal is for another community solar garden in the township, but several community members have voiced opinions opposing the solar array, leading to the moratorium.

“Overall, our direction and objective is just to take a pause and do some more due diligence — just to ensure we are making the best choices to respect all of our community, respect our landowners and respect our flight students training at the Mankato airport,” Lime Township Board Supervisor Richard Resch explained.

While the pending IPS solar garden will not be affected by the moratorium, the ordinance shuts off any new community gardens as the township decides on any permanent restrictions to put in place.

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