Frandsen Bank is going green, partners with Nokomis Energy

Frandsen Bank is going green, partners with Nokomis Energy

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Frandsen Bank and Trust is looking to the future.

The company has partnered with Nokomis Energy to bring more solar-powered energy solutions to their banks — energy solutions that save them some green while also being green for the environment.

“It helps save money on utility bills for us, it reduces our operating costs, but, in addition, we became interested because not only does it not only a green energy type product that we can be involved with, it also supports the community,” explained Nick Hinz, market president at the Frandsen Bank & Trust in North Mankato.

Frandsen banks across the region say this move will save over $230,000.

Nokomis Energy says its solar energy gardens are catching on, bringing several Midwest businesses on board..

“Our partnership with Frandsen Bank is important because not only are they a strong community member in all of the communities that their banks are in, but they really promote clean energy in a way that is very trusting to other members of the community,” stated Corey Orehek, community engagement director at Nokomis Energy.

Nokomis Energy says the solar gardens also partner with members of the community, including using multiple farms in the area to supply the land for the energy gardens.

“This is just a great opportunity for local organizations, local communities like Mankato and like the state of Minnesota to really get behind something that generates jobs and savings and lowers operating costs for a lot of organizations while promoting something that is clean, renewable and obviously the new wave of energy production,” Orehek added.

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