Nicollet Bike Shop offers advice amid pedaling season

Nicollet Bike Shop offers advice amid pedaling season

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - For those looking for a new bike this year, the time to buy is now.

“There’s a little bit shortage of bikes right now than normal so getting out and looking ASAP is a good plan,” said Nicollet Bike Shop Co Owner Justin Rinehart.

That’s thanks to the large nationwide demand for bikes last year amid the pandemic.

“With all the closures of everything last year, many people who normally work out in the gym or something indoors turned to outdoor recreation. So bikes, canoes, camping equipment all experienced the same surge of demand. Which wiped out inventory for anyone that makes anything and sells in this industry. As a result they are still trying to play catch up,” said Rineheart.

“So now, know that there will be some challenges in getting the exact bike you want. But we (Nicollet Bike shop) still have tons of them coming all season long,” he explained.

With that, one might opt to repair an old bike.

Aside from selling bikes the shop can tend to various bicycle fixing needs.

“If you can ride the bike or it was once ride-able, we can certainly fix it and get it going,” said Rinehart.

Finally, with more people hitting the trails and roadways, bikers are reminded to be safe.

“Be aware that you are not the only user of the road, and make sure you air up your tires, because they do lose air over winter,” said Rinehart.

In addition the shop’s 8th annual 30 day Bike Challenge has officially kicked off. The challenge encourages people to ride two miles everyday in April.

“It encourages you to get out, pedal a little bit and create that habit of daily riding,” said Rinheart.

For more information and how to sign up visit: 30 Days of Biking Challenge - Nicollet Bike and Ski

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