How Ramadan will look in the COVID era

Co founder of the Mankato Islamic Center talks about how COVID will effect Ramadan this year

How Ramadan will look in the COVID era

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Ramadan begins on April 13th and lasts until May 12th.

Given the circumstances of the past year, the Mankato Islamic Center has had to change some of the ways they usually practice the month long fast.

Abdi Sabrie, the center’s co-founder and a board member, says the center will continue taking safety precautions during this year’s celebrations.

For example, social distancing will continue to be maintained in prayer and more.

“The pandemic has affected all faith groups, churches, mosques and synagogues,” Sabrie said. “There is no exception here. You can see on the floor, usually we pray shoulder to shoulder and now we are praying apart. We are separated.”

The month of Ramadan is known as a month of cleansing and reforming behavior. People fast from dawn until dusk. The fast is usually broken with a traditional meal.

In years prior, the Mankato Islamic Center has been able to host meals sponsored by a family or two for whoever wanted to eat, but they are unable to do that this year because of the pandemic.

Sabrie says that nobody who has come to pray has contracted the virus. This is because they are careful to follow guidelines and have people at the doors taking temperatures and keeping track of everyone who goes inside.

“We try and do everything we can to really protect them,” Sabrie said. “We do not want the center of faith to become a place where you acquire a pandemic or a disease.”

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