School Sisters of Notre Dame could relocate from Good Counsel Hill

Soon it could be moving day on Good Counsel Hill

School Sisters of Notre Dame could relocate from Good Counsel Hill

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The nuns decided several years ago, they’re going to sell the convent which is a local historical landmark.

Now nearly 150 nuns will have to potentially find a new home.

“There whole area up there is so many acres and it is just a beloved spot in the community,” Blue Earth County Historical Society archive manager Heather Harren said.

A long-reigning historical establishment in the city of Mankato is going to get a new face and meaning.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame have been at Good Counsel Hill since 1912, and now they have to say goodbye to their beloved landmark.

“It’s just such a vibrant place up there with people around. So, Loyola is up there, but with also the school sisters up there. There is a couple of businesses that are on the property. It always felt alive up there, so hopefully, that feeling continues,” Harren said.

“This is a shocking reality that the sisters could potentially leave the area,” said Sister Joyce Kolbet. “A sense of loss, but we also know that change is inevitable throughout our lives.”

The sisters and nuns who work and live in the convent say it’s a roller coaster of emotions to say goodbye to a place where they made so many memories.

“And Good Counsel has been my home whether I am living here or not. When I entered, I thought that we would be here forever and the reality is that we will not,” said Sister Helen Jane Jaeb, a member of the provincial council at School Sisters of Notre Dame.

The decision was made in 2018 by the sisters to sell four campuses in the Central Pacific Province.

Even though they are selling the property, the School Sisters of Notre Dame still want to continue their legacy they have been building in Mankato since 1865.

For now, there are no concrete plans for the fate of the sisters.

“There is a lot of emotions, there are a lot of ups and downs, but we do know, too, that the future is calling us to another part of the journey,” Jaeb said.

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