Easter celebrations held in-person this year

Easter celebrations held in-person this year

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - With the ease of COVID-19 restrictions leading up to this year’s Easter holiday, local residents are enjoying a sense of normalcy as celebratory events and religious services welcome guests in person.

North Mankato Taylor Library and Crossview Covenant Church say they are happy to be welcoming folks back to their events.

“I am thrilled! It has been a long year!” said Michelle Zimmerman, Child Librarian.

Last year, both the library and the church held their activities online, as COVID-19 case counts were on the rise.

The library hosted an Easter egg hunt Saturday morning for children and families to take pictures with the Easter bunny before the kids scoped out candy-filled eggs.

Zimmerman added, “It’s a little different this year. Normally, we have massive amounts of children in here at one time, but we’ve had to do it like in time slots, so we’re having the same amount of kids but just in different times.”

The library says last year took a toll on their ability to connect with the community, so they are glad to see new and familiar faces stopping in.

“We’re just so excited to get kids back in and be able to see them one on one again!” stated Zimmerman.

Crossview Covenant Church is using a hybrid service model where congregation members can tune into services online or in person with an RSVP.

“It’s just so fun to be back in person on some level,” said Pastor Brad Jackson.

The church hosted three Easter services this year, more than years previous, to prevent overcrowding during this time.

Jackson mentioned, “I love the online piece, but telling the story that there is a loving God that came to earth, died for our sins and then rose again and defeated death, like, there’s power hearing that in your living room, but there’s a profound power to hearing and thinking and the emotionality to that when you’re in a space with other people.”

Though both the library and church still had to make some adjustments to adhere to safety protocols and their audience’s comfort levels, they are still happy to be bringing people together to celebrate this Easter season.

“We’re made for relationship. We’re made to be together,” Jackson remarked.

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