Spring weather brings spring farming

Local farmer begins his planting season

Spring weather brings spring farming

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - In Southern Minnesota farming is a key part of the community. With corn and soybean crop fueling lots of the farming economy farmers are eager to get out and get the season started. One such farmer is Greg Depuydt who is getting his season started with some organic oat crop.

“It is just every spring you get kind of an adrenaline rush to get out there. It is just the sound of it, it is the smell of the freshly tilled dirt, it has a certain smell to it. I like it. I like most everything about it,” Depuydt said.

The majority of Depuydt’s life has been spent farming. He has learn all the tricks of the trade along the way. He has been getting ready for the season since the winter by prepping his machines and getting his affairs in order so that when spring time comes he is ready to go out and do what he loves. He admits that over the years in his farming he has come across some unfamiliar territory but has been able to learn more about it with some help.

With the warm weather and the ground getting the right amount of moisture Depuydt thought it was time to get things started. His field is freshly tilled and ready for planting and will be full of oat and ready for harvest come August.

“It is important to for me at least to go over all of my equipment and to make sure that everything is in tip top shape,” Depuydt said. “My equipment is not new by any standards but I like to keep it in like new condition. So that when it is time to go, time to plant you don’t have any unexpected breakdowns which you still have some anyways but you try and prevent them if you can.”

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