Cambria offers on-site COVID-19 vaccines to its employees

Cambria offers on-site COVID-19 vaccines to its employees

LE SUEUR, Minn. (KEYC) — Cambria, a family-owned producer of quartz surfaces, has partnered with Hy-Vee in downtown Mankato to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to its Minnesota-based employees.

“It’s been a trying year with COVID. Cambria has done a great job with taking care of us. The fact they come to our plant to work with Hy-Vee to make sure all of our employees are taken care of and getting that first vaccination is a big deal,” said Rick Stalberger, quality manager of finish.

Cambria is one of many companies partnering with pharmacies to get their staff vaccinated. The first doses of Pfizer vaccines will be administered at three local Cambria facilities this week in Le Sueur, Belle Plaine and Eden Prairie.

“We’ve had a great turnout. We’ve had over 100 people that have been vaccinated already that we started at basically 8 a.m., and people are very excited about it because of the convenience,” added Brian Scoggin, executive vice president of operations.

Each dose is administered free of charge, and employees must voluntarily opt-in for their vaccine.

Cambria says the vaccines are an added layer of protection to their already extensive COVID-19 prevention methods, which include screening and socially distancing workers, providing masks, promoting active employee awareness campaigns and using no-touch, state-of-the-art thermal temperature-taking technology to help ensure a safe and secure environment for its employees.

“This is just another step that we can take to protect our employees and to make them feel better and safer in an environment at work,” Scoggin said.

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