Be aware of ticks, lyme disease this summer

Be aware of ticks, lyme disease this summer

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — As the warmer weather prompts us to get outside, it also brings back ticks that could potentially be carrying Lyme disease.

Ticks, primarily black-legged ticks known as “deer ticks” are common carriers of Lyme disease. The bacterial infection can cause fever, headache, rashes, cognitive dysfunction, heart symptoms and more.

The wide variety of symptoms makes it difficult to diagnose. Left untreated can cause significant disability and dysfunction.

Ticks prefer moist shaded areas and longer grass.

“Tick-friendly spots around your home would be birdbaths, shady vegetarian. Ticks will also be found where mice or other hosts go such as bird feeders and woodpiles,” Minnesota Lyme Disease Association President Dorian Chalmers explained.

If entering tick-prone areas, like long grass, wear pants, long-sleeved clothing and use tick repellent. Also, make sure to always check yourself and your pets for ticks when coming indoors.

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