City of North Mankato reminding pet owners of park policies

City of North Mankato reminding pet owners of park policies
Benson Park (Source: KEYC News Now)

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The North Mankato Parks Department is reminding pet owners to comply with city codes when walking in local parks. The warmer weather has increased foot traffic in the parks. The city says with more people and pets on the trails, it’s important to be aware of the city’s guidelines on caring for your animal.

North Mankato is home to 21 parks, but only Benson, Bluff, and Spring Lake Park are designated for dog walkers.

“All of them need to have their dogs on their leash. We also want to make sure that they pick up their waste. If they do want their dogs off the leash, Mankato provides Kiwanis Dog Park where dogs can be off-leash, but, here in our parks, we definitely need to have the leashes on,” said Duane Rader, Water & Parks Superintendent.

The city has numerous waste clean-up stations spread throughout the parks for owners to pick up after their animal.

“We buy 25,000 bags a year and use all of them, so they’re out there. People are using them, but we don’t want the one bad apple to spoil it for everybody else,” Rader added.

The city says if folks do not comply with the leashing and waste disposal guidelines, they will face fines up to $100. If the issue persists, it could ultimately lead to a no-pet policy in all 21 parks.

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