Loyola purchasing its campus, athletic facilities on Good Council Hill

Loyola purchasing its campus, athletic facilities on Good Council Hill

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Amid growth and an outlook for expansion, Loyola Catholic School purchases its campus and athletic facilities on Good Counsel Hill from the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

The purchase comes after the School Sisters of Notre Dame announced their campus was for sale, which has overlooked Mankato for over 100 years.

“When we learned of the Sisters’ divesting other property, one of the first things we looked to do is work with the Sisters and secure our piece up here on this historic Hill,” Loyola Catholic School Principal Adam Bemmels said.

The agreement is for 55 acres of the 135 acre Good Counsel Hill property and includes the school, athletic center and education center. But not the historic chapel.

Loyola’s campus sits on the property.

“We are looking to improve, renovate and add a few spaces to our footprint,” said Bemmels.

The purchase follows growth in enrollment at the school, especially in younger grades.

“We’ve had good momentum this last few years. Looking ahead to next year, we already have three full sections of kindergarten and, perhaps, a waiting list soon to be happening as well. Our early childhood heading into next year is already full, which is exciting,” said Bemmels.

Loyola has 494 students this year, with 30 signed up for next year and 18 applications currently being processed.

“And we’ve added 11 transfers into next year from first to 11th grade that are already enrolled as well,” he continued.

In addition, the school is ramping up for an upcoming centennial campaign next year in light of its 100th graduating class.

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