Waseca prepares for second state title appearance in three-year span vs. Caledonia

Waseca prepares for second state title appearance in three-year span vs. Caledonia

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — Less than 24 hours remain until the Waseca Bluejays and Caledonia Warriors battle for the Class AA boys’ basketball state championship.

“We just got done with practice this morning, so we’re going to be heading up and try to get a little bit of the hotel experience... With the pandemic going on and everything, it hasn’t really been a true state tournament type feel or atmosphere, so this is the least we can do for the kids is get them up and spend one night in the hotel and get that comradery of ‘Hey, this is our last hoo-rah as a crew together,’” head coach Seth Anderson said.

The Bluejays’ journey to take home hardware carried on after a double-digit win over Fergus Falls on Wednesday.

“We weren’t scared of the arena, we weren’t scared of the big stage, which helped us a lot in the game before, we got all of our nerves out. We were ready to go that game... Winning that game only made us hungrier. It means we’re that much closer... We’ve been waiting for this moment for almost two years and we’re ready for it,” said Andrew Morgan, senior power forward and Mr. Basketball finalist.

“I thought we shared the ball really well. Everybody, when it was their turn to make a play, they made their play. We got off to a good start. We made some three-pointers off the get-go off some nice passes. We got the ball inside and [Matt] Seberson and Kyrese [Willingham] scored in some transition and Andrew [Morgan] is just being Andrew and playing good basketball,” Anderson said.

As far as the championship game, No. 1 Waseca and No. 2 Caledonia are primed for big moments.

The Warriors took the most recent meeting 81-73 in 2020.

“We’ve kind of had them in the back of our minds, this is a team that we’re eventually going to have to play if we’re going to get to where we want to go and here it is. It’s come to fruition at the very end here... It’s going to be a very contrasting style to what we played last game where Fergus Falls played a lot of 2-3 zones and had an anchor of a 7-footer inside and kind of played through the post where Caledonia’s going to get out and ball pressure and play man-to-man,” Anderson said.

“This is all we’ve ever wanted. This is all we’ve ever worked for. It’s that motivation that keeps driving us. It’s all you’ve ever wanted since you started playing basketball. We’re going to play a good team in Caledonia, but we also know that we have a better team,” Morgan said.

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