YWCA Hosts Stand Against Racism Campaign

YWCA Hosts Stand Against Racism Campaign

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The YWCA Mankato is hosting a month-long campaign to combat racism. Each year, the Stand Against Racism Campaign is put on by YWCA chapters across the United States.

The initiative serves as a way of helping community members understand various components of racism and how they can actively participate in its elimination.

The YWCA is partnering with area organizations like the Committee Against Domestic Abuse and The Reach Drop-In Center to better understand and serve the community’s needs.

“Starting the beginning of this month, we’re doing a drive for them followed by the actual action days of the campaign which are 22nd through the 25th, and during those days, we’ll be highlighting different sorts of events on social media as well as our website,” said Jes Wysong, Director of Mission & Social Justice Impact at YWCA in Mankato.

This year’s campaign addresses racism as a public health issue, exploring its implications on domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, which affect Black and Indigenous People of Color at disproportionate rates.

“A part of the drive is that folks can come to our agency and pick up kits, and in the kits, there’s different gear like this button, facemasks, things like that which they can wear during the drive. Day one is education and then after education, how do we have conversations with people about it? Because we don’t know unless we’re aware of how to address the issue,” Wysong added.

Supporting the YWCA’s efforts are Mankato Clinic, Mayo Clinic Health System and the American Lung Association. To learn more about the campaign and how to get involved visit the YWCA’s website.

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