Experts weigh in on keeping your pet safe this summer

Experts weigh in on keeping your pet safe this summer

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - With summer right around the corner, folks are looking forward to getting outdoors, but local pet experts say it’s important to know the risks the season poses to dogs.

Experts say high temperatures are a dangerous threat to animals during this time. Designating a shady sport or keeping your dog in an air-conditioned space is the best way to combat the heat.

Leaving your pet in doghouses and closed vehicles should be avoided, as they trap heat and can lead to deadly conditions within minutes.

“We have quite a few different crate styles, both soft-sided and the more hard-sided plastic or the metal crated ones,” said Joshua King-Olson, Assistant General Manager of Pet Expo.

Pet owners should also be mindful of hot asphalt and sand that can burn paws as well as freshly fertilized lawns that contain unknown or toxic chemicals.

Dogs with shorter coats are most susceptible to sunburn, and breeds with shorter snouts have a higher risk of heatstroke, as their panting is not as effective.

Avoiding long exposure to the sun and high temperatures and providing cold drinking water at all times is best.

Experts say confirming that your pet’s vaccinations and heartworm, fleas and ticks preventatives are up-to-date will ensure the increased exposure to pests will not compromise their wellbeing.

King-Olson stated, “[The] vet is always gonna be your first kind of go-to just to make sure everything’s going well for them. If they suggest, you know, having a flea and tick preventative, we sell tons of different varieties, both preventatives and treatments.”

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