City of Wells takes on new developments

City of Wells takes on new developments

WELLS, Minn. (KEYC) — The city of Wells is working through not one, or two, but four or five new developments.

The city council has recently received updates on various housing developments in and around the city.

For example, the Embacher Addition was one large lot and is being split into two lots.

The process for this subdivision is nearing completion.

Another project is the City Center Subdivision at the former United South Central School location, which is owned by the Housing and Redevelopment Authority

All the developments are meant to keep building and growing the community.

”People will be really excited when they start to see the new housing go up. You know, like I said, housing in small towns is really tough to come by. So, even if people move into those new houses, then that frees up starter homes for other people,” Wells City Administrator CJ Holl said.

City officials are excited and thrilled to be taking on so many new projects and watching the city grow.

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