Highway 60 construction beginning April 15

Highway 60 construction beginning April 15

MADISON LAKE, Minn. (KEYC) — Spring and summer are for warmer weather, getting outside and road construction in Minnesota.

“It’s Minnesota and that means there is always construction in the summer,” said Shelly Sabatka, owner of the Landing on Madison Lake.

There is one big construction project that begins on April 15.

A 17-mile stretch of Highway 60 will be upgraded from the intersection of Highway 14 east of Eagle Lake to the Highway 13 intersection in Waterville.

That could put a roadblock on a lot of local businesses, although some businesses are hopeful for the best.

“Take the extra time to learn the back roads, get to see something new on their way out. So, we are hopeful that it will be just as busy,” Sabatka said.

The Landing on Madison Lake hosts campers and a boat rental business which will help them get through the traffic bust.

“I think that will draw in a fair amount of new traffic, as well as we always have new events here that will expose new customers,” Sabatka said.

The detour for the first stage of construction is expected from mid-April until mid-July.

The detours aren’t the most ideal, especially when working around lakes and the county roads.

“While the detours are not going to be long, in regard to time, they will be somewhat long just because of access from typical traffic to county roads,” said Todd Kjolstad, Highway 60 project supervisor at the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The cities of Madison Lake and Elysian have worked with MnDOT to prepare for many repairs.

“Centerline pipes that we are working on, and we are making additional turn lanes and a number of other things in the rural areas, as well as upgrading some signage,” Kjolstad said.

Nonetheless, improvements will provide a smoother roadway and increase safety.

The Landing is ready for the new adventure.

“So, we are hoping that we continue to grow the business and that people are up for the challenge,” Sabatka said.

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