Study ranks Minnesota 16th for homelessness

Study ranks Minnesota 16th for homelessness

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Nationwide, the homeless population has increased each of the last four years.

Children account for 18% of the homeless population. released a study on the State of Homelessness in 2021 Tuesday using data released in March from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Minnesota’s homeless rate of 140 per 100,000 residents is below the national average of 174 per 100,000.

Even in Mankato, there has been a rise in homelessness during the pandemic.

There are a lot of local organizations that try to help when possible, but there it’s surprising to a lot that work directly with this problem because you wouldn’t know Minnesota has this problem from the outside looking in.

”It’s hidden really well and I don’t know if people have been more involved trying to correct the issue because we have access to higher capacity because we have a higher capacity for information now. Then whenever the last study would’ve been done,” Lieutenant for the Salvation Army, LT. Andy Wheeler said.

The Mankato Salvation Army has expanded its services, now offering a day shelter that will remain open through summer.

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