Adam Thielen talks ETS Mankato ahead of Saturday’s grand opening

Adam Thielen talks about ETS Mankato grand opening

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Vikings wide receiver and ETS performance partner, Adam Thielen, sits down with Mary Rominger to discuss Saturday’s grand opening of ETS Mankato.

Mary Rominger: “What is it like to be back in Mankato for, finally, the grand opening of ETS?”

Adam Thielen: “Yeah, for sure. It’s good to be back anytime I get the opportunity to get back to Mankato. Obviously, a place that’s very special to me. Then, obviously with the gym and not being able to have grand opening with COVID-19. Been able to get down here a couple times to work out here and see some of the athletes, always great to be back.”

MR: “Big opportunity here to share the message of what ETS is to the local community, what’s at the forefront of that conversation that you’re going to have today?”

AT: “It’s one of my favorite things when we do these grand openings and be able to share a message with parents or coaches or athletes and just trying to provide this opportunity for these kids that I wish I would’ve had growing up. I wish I would’ve had an ETS gym in my hometown to really help me not only become a better athlete, better on the field, on the court, things like that. But, also to become a better person and the accountability that it shows you, being able to overcome things. Life’s tough and there’s going to be obstacles that come in your way, whether you have goals or aspirations, there’s going to be obstacles and figuring out a way to overcome that is what we’re all about here at ETS.”

MR: “Mankato is growing, the surrounding area is growing, being able to bring an opportunity like ETS to this area as opposed to athletes having to outsource to the cities.”

AT: “It’s a perfect fit. This community is a special place to me and I know this community very well and how passionate they are about sports, and athletes, and kids, and youth and that’s what we’re all about at ETS. We want to help shape those kids and help them grow as people and as athletes and that’s what we’re here to do.”

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