ETS Mankato grand opening draws visits from Thielen, Carter

ETS Mankato holds grand opening over the weekend

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Revealed at the intersection of Madison Ave. and N Victory Dr. is a performance facility backed by Maverick all-timers Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen and former NHL player Ryan Carter.

“It’s one of my favorite things when we do these grand openings and be able to share a message with parents or coaches or athletes and just trying to provide this opportunity for these kids that I wish I would’ve had growing up. I wish I would’ve had an ETS gym in my hometown to really help me not only become a better athlete, better on the field, on the court, things like that. But, also to become a better person,” ETS partner, Thielen said.

“For the opportunity to give kids in the market a chance to train, Ryan [Engelbert] and I both trained with ETS, professionally too, so to give the youth athletes here to train, train the right way to become, not only the athlete they want to, but the person. It’s very important for us to have a certain culture in there too and we believe that it’s a positive and winning culture,” ETS co-owner, Carter said.

ETS performance is all about individualized training, focused on building an athletic foundation.

As Carter says, training that makes you a well-rounded athlete rather than an athlete limited to a specific sport.

“We’re trying to teach these young athletes, one how to train your body, how to be prepared, how to stay healthy, how to perform, but also the attitude you need to have success going forward. So, if you’re going to make that jump from high school sport to college sport, there is a higher level of commitment. There’s a higher level of accountability. When you walk in that door we want you to feel that so when you walk into that college door, you understand what you have to do to have success,” Carter said.

“It’s where serious athletes go to train. If you get here to train you’re going to work your butt off,” Mankato East high school junior quarterback, Jacob Eggert said.

Mankato is the newest addition to the chain of 14 ETS locations.

“A lot of our athletes are going to the cities for one reason or another to try and get something specialized out of the metro that they provide and to have something like ETS in Mankato brings that element from the metro here,” Mankato West girls’ soccer head coach Crissy Makela said.

“It’s a perfect fit. This community is a special place to me and I know this community very well and how passionate they are about sports, and athletes, and kids, and youth and that’s what we’re all about at ETS. We want to help shape those kids and help them grow as people and as athletes and that’s what we’re here to do,” Thielen added.

Plus, it’s an option that can move mountains for southern Minnesota athletes looking to take their sport to the next level.

“You can go to the weight room, you can do some sprint training, and you may be in fantastic shape. But, if you go to a college showcase or you go to an on campus college workout, a college coach can come to you an say ‘You’re no where near ready.’ And, you’re like ‘But, I’ve been working out I don’t understand and this is just taking that to this next level, that if you really want to be an athlete, this is really the fine-tuning,” Makela said.

“I feel like if I didn’t go here I’d just be brand new to the college aspect of working out and it would be really tough to adjust, coming here it’s going to be a lot easier of an adjustment than it would’ve been if I didn’t come here,” Eggert said.

Most of all, visits from proven success, like Thielen and Carter, inspires the next round of athletes.

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