Highway 60 detour proves positive foot traffic for Janesville

The detour is going straight through the downtown area, which is huge for the businesses in and around the area

Highway 60 detour proves positive foot traffic for Janesville

JANESVILLE, Minn. (KEYC) — Highway 60 construction began last week, and although work has just begun, local businesses and cities have seen a benefit with foot traffic due to the detours.

Construction is underway, while some cities are worried about business getting to their establishments, others are seeing the opposite effect, like those in Janesville.

“With extra traffic through town, safety is always a concern. I certainly hope that the extra traffic in town has a positive impact on the local businesses and the community,” Janesville Mayor Andy Arnoldt said.

The Highway 60 detour goes straight through downtown Janesville and the businesses have already seen some foot traffic and are hoping for more in the future.

“There are a lot of businesses that I hope will benefit from it. Dairy Queen would be one, our off-sale hardware stores. Extra people in town hopefully means more business for everyone,” Arnoldt said.

It also gives a chance for businesses who have been hit harder by COVID-19 to bounce back.

“A lot of these other small towns to survive need this kind of stuff and need this kind of business brought to them as well,” said Ryan Landkammer, co-owner of Wiste’s Meat Market.

Wiste’s Meat Market is one of many businesses that is using the detour to their advantage.

“Try to work at different advertising spots and try to draw more people. We are fortunate to have it come right down Janesville,” Landkammer said.

The Meat Market is hoping that the people stopping by to browse will like what they see and become regulars.

“It will be a nice opportunity for us to gain more clientele that maybe don’t go this way more often. Maybe bring back into town, we are just trying to expand as fast as we can and as quick as we can,” Landkammer said.

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