Minnesota Court of Appeals rules on motorsports park in Eagle Lake

Minnesota Court of Appeals rules on motorsports park in Eagle Lake

EAGLE LAKE, Minn. (KEYC) — The City of Eagle Lake has been looking into constructing a motorsports park, but it’s hit a speed bump.

Now, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled the city should have done a more thorough review of the potential impact of a proposed motorsports park.

The city of Eagle Lake has been making plans for a motorsports park in the northeast part of town. Supporters say it will boost tourism and the economy.

“The city views this as an amenity that can bring development and tax dollars to the city,”said Paul Reuvers, an attorney representing the City of Eagle Lake.

There are some people that believe it isn’t as grand as it appears, such as the group Citizens Against Motorsports Park, who filled an appeal against the proposal.

This week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled it was not in the favor of the city due to the city missing a crucial environmental review.

“A detailed environmental review and audit of a program or project that may have significant impact on the environment,” said Marshall Tanick, an attorney representing Citizens Against Motorsports Park.

In an effort to protect the nature surrounding the town and area.

“Even though it does create some economic vitality to the area, it is strongly outweighed by the degradation that would happen to the environment,” Tanick said.

The court said that it was needed for addressing the potential effects the park would have on wildlife and climate.

The court is requiring the city to provide more details.

Which is one of the next steps Eagle Lake is taking.

“The environmental review assists in the permitting process, so the land needs approvals that are necessary. So, what has to happen is the environmental review is completed, and then whatever land that needs approval is obtained and any conditions that are attached and construction can begin,” Reuvers said.

Regardless of the outcome, Eagle Lake and the Citizens Against Motorsports Park group say they will make more strategic moves once the review is done.

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