Annual garage sale weekend in Sleepy Eye

Garage sales brings community together after a year of lockdown

Annual garage sale weekend in Sleepy Eye

SLEEPY EYE, Minn. (KEYC) — Garage sale season means cleaning out the house, the yard, the basement and whatever else in spring cleaning.

The sales go on in Sleepy Eye at least one weekend every year. This year, sellers were also happy to see their neighbors after spending the majority of the last year in isolation.

“I actually enjoy the people aspect of it and being able to talk to people,” Melanie Meinert said. “It doesn’t hurt being able to get rid of the stuff we don’t want or don’t need anymore.”

The event brings the community together in one common way, to share what they have and reuse what others may not want. It has become a large event in the community, one man sold over $1,500 worth of stuff in just one day.

It isn’t about just making money, it is about feeling that sense of togetherness once more after a difficult year.

“It has been nice to see some of the neighbors out and about and we met our new neighbor across the street today,” Emilie Bertrand said. “A couple of people that we haven’t seen for over a year were in town, saw we had a rummage sale and stopped to visit.”

With the pandemic, people have been forced to stay inside, nice weather means people are now seeing what their neighbors are up to in their garages.

And right now these seasoned garage salers are giving their old items a new life.

“For the community it is a good time to get rid of stuff that you don’t use anymore that somebody else probably can,” Bertrand said.

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