Summer safety tips for drivers

Summer safety tips for drivers

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Safety and Respect Driving School in Mankato is reminding folks to use caution when driving in residential areas this summer.

With warmer weather and more daylight, the school says people should expect to see an increase in foot traffic in neighborhoods and pedestrian-heavy areas like downtown and college campuses.

Ryan Hammett, Owner of Safety and Respect Driving School, said, “The biggest thing over the summer is people start having fun, so they start going out in groups and stuff, so the biggest thing is just to pay attention. Pay attention to the roads and what you are doing.”

Drivers are encouraged to keep their headlights on and make eye contact with those crossing the street. It’s also important to remain cautious around objects in the street, such as balls or ramps, which could indicate children are nearby... and most of all, slow down.

Hammett added, “People generally feel safer because they’re not as worried about the weather, so speeds definitely tick up. We usually see a lot more of collisions due to high speed or even traffic tickets, speeding tickets, in the summertime, so the biggest thing is slow down and pay attention, which is generally great advice all year, but especially in the summer.”

Distractions like texting or adjusting your navigation or entertainment devices can also keep you from seeing your surroundings, so it’s best to keep your attention fixed on the road.

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