CDC and Johns Hopkins warns of pandemic fatigue

CDC and Johns Hopkins warns of pandemic fatigue

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The CDC and Johns Hopkins medicine are warning Americans of pandemic fatigue.

Pandemic fatigue has been settling in since early last year, and medical experts say it is making a difference in people’s ability to function and stay safe from the virus. This comes after lockdowns and precautionary measures made staying in and away from others a habitual routine.

“We’re very social creatures, so we’re not meant to live in these conditions for long. That said, it is important to still continue to social distance and follow CDC recommendations so that we can get through this faster,” said Libby Guss LSW, an Emergency Room Social Worker.

The CDC has also raised concerns that the pandemic fatigue could keep folks from staying on top of safety measures to hamper the spread of the virus, which could lead to less people being vaccinated thus prohibiting our ability to reach herd immunity and increasing COVID-19 case counts once again.

Guss added, “It’s important to do what you can to kind of mitigate the fatigue that you might be feeling, the stress you might be under. Find meaningful ways to connect with people, and make new important routines for yourself. The benefit is that things are slowly getting better, but we also don’t want to get ahead of ourselves until we’re actually in the clear.”

Combatting the fatigue could be as simple as setting a routine, according to Johns Hopkins. Incorporating safety measures into your day-to-day schedule could help them become second nature, making it less tiring.

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