Blue Earth County Library holds data privacy week

Blue Earth County Library holds data privacy week

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The Blue Earth County Library System is bringing Data Privacy Week, an initiative started by the American Library Association, to Mankato and Blue Earth County.

The aim of this week is to teach library users about privacy rights, especially in the digital age.

Every day of the week, the library will be sharing information on digital security. This week, the library also has books and other materials on hand to learn more about digital privacy.

”Just be aware. So often we aren’t quite familiar with what a website is asking of us or what our phone is doing when we think it’s off. And just learning about those things can make people feel more secure in their ability to access information online,” librarian Mairead Small Staid said.

Information this week will include tips on how to control your smartphone data and how to not be lulled into accepting everything that comes your way online.

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